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Easter Eggs!!!

When I was mowing the lawn, I found these eggs next to the exterior castle wall!  

Who can fault  the mother bird for wanting to build a nest in the royal garden?

I hope to capture the hatching of these eggs on film, and  the baby birds’ first  flight!  I got a few shots of what appears to be the  mother bird perching on a gutter.


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  1. Yes, it is a well established, long standing, fact that hummingbirds lay eggs that exceed their own bodysize. Clearly, these eggs came from a very small bird, and the chicks will be huge (probably due to eating too much human-provided food laced with growth hormones). Well, that’s enough for today. See ya’ all …

  2. Lady Dolly Says:

    I have done quite a bit of research from my bird call book. I am quite certain that the bird eggs are from a Killdeer. Click on the link below to learn about the Killdeer.
    Will the King award a prize to the winner of the Easter Egg hunt? I think I am sure to win! What does his Majesty think? Can we add Killdeer to the poll?
    “A Killdeer lays four spotted eggs that match the sandy soil where they are nestled. This helps keep them hidden. Baby killdeers look like fluffy brown cotton balls with legs! They can run right after they hatch. They follow their mother picking up insects to eat.”

  3. Your Highness, these eggs are those of an ostrich. I beg you to be very careful whilst tending to your royal garden, as these gigantic birds can quite easily harm your Kinghood if they become frightened, especially if they are trapped within the castle walls! My humble recommendation is to send out a scout, perhaps one of the disposable peasants, to check for the bird’s presence prior to you putting yourself at risk. You may also wish to check the castle’s fortifications, as a bird of this size had to acquire access somewhere! I bid you a good day Sire!

    • Relying on the sage advice of Serf Steve, I drafted several of the loyal peasants in the vicinity of the Castle into royal service, and have ordered them to scale the steep Castle walls and search for stray Ostriches and other excessively large fowl creatures. One hopes that the peasants will not be captured and taken away by the huge birds, but of course, that is the risk of being a loyal peasant.

      I have also engaged other less dispensable peasants to guard every turret of the castle while others to fortify the Portcullis of King John’s castle to banish the fowl creatures.

      When their work is done, I shall generously offer the peasants an extra pint of grog as payment for their back-breaking efforts.

  4. Lady Dolly Says:

    There may be another possibility Your Highness. These eggs could also be that of a quail, and you may learn more here:

    May all your wine be free of poison!

    Your humble servant, Lady Dolly

  5. Excellent bird research Lady Dolly!

    I think you are right about it being a killdeer. I’ve seen birds in my yard looks like this photo on wikipedia and the nest matches the description: “The nest itself is merely a shallow depression or bowl in the ground, fringed by some stones and blades of grass.”

    I will try to get a new photo of the eggs and the mother bird soon to confirm what the bird’s species.

  6. Greetings to all from the realm of the Northern Valley,
    May his highness the Benevolent King John be always blessed with the singing of birds and the company of butterflies. The legend of his friendship with the dear little flying creatures is known far and wide, as is the story of his power to tame the untameable. (ahem – follow this link! – ) Perchance the dear little hatchlings will find in our ruler a kind and attentive guardian. My own humble ( if perhaps unworthy ) advice would be to seek to only tiptoe near the dear little unborn creatures, and forsake all mowing. Else our mighty monarch might make mother maddeningly murderous!

    Heed my sage words of wisdom, dear King!
    your loyal servant,
    Lady Esther Jane

  7. oops! what a blundering fool I am! I hope all will see that the preceeding was written by myself alone, not dear Lady Mary!!
    silly me!
    Lady Esther Jan

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