Christmas 2010 Photos

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2 Responses to “Christmas 2010 Photos”

  1. Bravo King John! Your talents for creating a new photo slide show are impressive. Glad to see that you have mastered the WordPress world. Lady Ruth has also been hard at work with her WordPress website. You are both destined to be experts in the near future. I take my leave of your most magnificent presence now, Your Highness! May your army always be the strongest of the realm.

  2. Lady Dolly Says:

    Happy New Year King John! Thank you for your hospitality for Christmas in your castle. The royal palace is a beautiful place to spend the holidays. We enjoyed visiting with you and dining at the “Round Table.”

    We celebrated New Years Eve with a glass of 1554 beer. “1554 Enlightened Black Ale redefines the phrase keeping time in a bottle. From an ancient crumbling Belgian library book, our intrepid researchers found references to this obscure style dating back to the year 1554. Overcoming obsolete script and units of measurement, our brewers discovered an ale with a surprisingly bright taste and a dry chocolaty finish – one evocative of dark brews enjoyed in Belgian taverns 500 years ago.” (Brewed and bottled in Ft. Collins, Colorado, wind power facility) Yes, I tried this heavy dark beer with a lime and it was quite good. Serf Stevie is raving about it. Be prepared for a heavy dark but smooth taste if you get it for your castle dining pleasure.

    I hope your royal tennis match tomorrow is fun! May the force be with you King John!

    Lady Dolly

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